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Hello New WSGS Members,

Hello and welcome to the Washington State Gourd Society. As a WSGS member it is your responsibility to read this ENTIRE page. The information on this pagewill more than likely answer a lot of your burning questions about this website. If you have a question about the website please email me and I will find an answer for you. For anything non-website or non-computer related please contact Pres, Jim Martin,

Important Information you should know:

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for the website send me an email with your thoughts attached. My email is at the bottom of every webpage or right here

2. As for the Questions Page, If you have questions I'll post just the question, someone else can answer it. If you want to post a question and answer that you know already, send it to me, someone else could benefit from your knowledge. This page cannot grow if no one contributes to it but me, so cowboy up and send me all your useful  gourding information. You may already know it but someone else may not, this is how we can share information between all of us. If everyone sends in one question or answer or both it will help build this page much faster.

3. If you see anything on the webpage that doesn't look right, misspellings, typo's, not enough info, too much info, please let me know, this is ALL of our ours together, don't be afraid to tell me something looks hokie. This page is a reflection upon all of us as gourdsters representing the State of Washington. I am trying to build the best state chapter website out there and cannot do it without all of your input.

4. Remember this is a non-profit volunteer organization, we are all here for the sharing of knowledge of all things gourds.

5. We will disseminate messages via email. It is your responsibility to read your email to obtain this information.

6. All emails to WSGS members will have the letters WSGS in the heading of the email. If you use filters or spam blockers please set your parameters to accept the WSGS mail heading.

7. If you have a grievance about anything please contact Jim Martin at

8. If you are sent an email from myself or one of the other WSGS officers requesting information, volunteering, classes, gourd meetings, gourd patches, or any other requested information it would be in your best interest to reply as soon as possible. This will alleviate any problems concerning classes being filled, volunteering placement, meeting times or anything else concerning the WSGS.

9. On Gourd Classes - Don't wait to sign up for a class, once the class is full that's it. No exceptions, "first come first served".

10. On Volunteering - If volunteers are requested for an event, sign up as soon as possible. Once all volunteer positions are filled you will be put on a wait list in case something comes up with a previous volunteer. Again, No exceptions, you snooze you loose.

Here are some FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

Q. How come some of the pictures or business cards look so tiny, I can't read them?
Small pictures like that are known as thumbnails, click on the picture and it will be enlarged.

Q. If I have a question about anything, who do I contact?
A. Send our webmaster an email and it will be either answered by him or he will send it to the person qualified to answer that question.

Q. Why is there blue text mixed in with the regular black text?
A. Blue text means it is a hyperlink, by clicking on the blue text it will take you to another webpage when you return to the previous page the text color should change to purple. The purple text indicates that you have already visited that page. Example: In some cases it will open an email to the person being referenced (case in point the members list, if the name does not have blue text that person does not have email).

Q. Where can I find a list of all the members?
A. You can find a list of all the current WSGS members on the Members Page under Current members.

Q. I don't see my name on the list of newest members. Was my name missed?
Your name was on that list when you joined. The list on the main page and the members page reflects the LAST five people that have joined. If no one joins for awhile the names stay there until we get a new member. Example: If a new member joined tonight their name would go on the bottom of the list and the person at the top of the list is removed, leaving only the five newest members.

Q. How do I go about contacting another member of the Washington State Gourd Society?
A. You can go to the Membership page, to see where the members live.

Q. How come I cannot find the Link to the newsletter on the website?
A. The newsletter's are for Current members only, if you paid your WSGS dues you were sent an email with the link to the newsletter. Keep that email if you want to look at the newsletter again.

Q. What's the big deal if I forward the newsletter to a non-member?
A. We can't stop you from doing that but here's the kicker: You paid for a year membership in the WSGS which includes 4 newsletters a year and two big meetings a year. Your membership dues help pay for building rentals, supplies for the meetings, administrative fees (paper, envelopes and stamps) and other necessary items to run the WSGS. If you give copies of your paid newsletter away to non-members 1. There getting your subscription for free. 2. That gives them no incentive to become a WSGS member. 3. We cannot put on events by giving membership benefits away for free.

Q. When are my membership dues due?
A. Your membership with the Washington State Gourd Society will last for one year. Membership dues expire 31 December and begin 1 January of each year.

Q. What is a PDF file? and what does it stand for?
A. ‘PDF’ stands for “Portable Document Format”, and it is a format that was developed by the Adobe corporation. A pdf file is a document that has been created for the sole purpose of maintaining formatting so anyone with a computer can open it no matter what programs you use to compose documents. A pdf file is also locked so end users cannot change the document information.

For anything non-website or non-computer related please contact Jim Martin at

Sincerely - Kathryn
Webmaster for the
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Washington State Gourd Society





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