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WSGS Gourd Workshop Class Information

Thursday - Sunday Afternoon, 7/20 - 7/23, 2017

                             Please Read This Before Registering!

We're excited about the terrific classes offered this year! To make your registration experience as easy as possible, please take a minute and read through the tips below:

       (Psst: The link to the classes is at the end of this page.)

  • Classes are both half-day and all-day. It's easy to over-book or double-book a time slot by accident. Print this Class Planning Sheet to pencil in the classes you want, to help you maximize your time. Use the back-arrow to return to this page.

  • How do I register for classes?
    • When you click the "Add to Cart" button for a class you are taken to the shopping cart. To select another class, click the "Continue Shopping" link at the top right of the Cart page to return you to the class list. Once you've selected all the classes you want, click the "Check Out with PayPal" link, or the "Check Out with Credit Card" link to submit payment. This records your transaction, and eliminates the need to fill out a Student Registration form.

    • Or, print the Student Registration form (only 1 form for all your classes), and mail with your check to the address on the form.  Note: You are NOT registered until your check is received, so don't delay mailing your check, as it's possible your spot in that class may go to someone who registered and paid immediately.

  • What do I need to do to register for multiple people?
    • When submitting via PayPal, we have no idea that you are registering for you AND others. It is confusing when we see multiple entries for the same class or time frame. We think there may have been a mistake made. So after you pay, please send an email to with the names of the people, including yourself, and the class names specified for each, so that we can register each person correctly.

    • When submitting by mail, complete one Student Registration form for each person. Once you've completed the forms, mail them all with a check covering the total cost of all classes for all participants. You will receive a summary of your class registrations by email after payment has been received. We will do our best to accommodate class choices.

  • What if my plans change, and I need to cancel from class(es)?
    If you need to cancel, please email
    If you cancel on or before June 16th, you will receive a full refund.
    If you cancel on or after June 17th, you will not receive a refund, regardless of the reason for canceling. The reason for the hard line on cancellations: Some instructors are traveling long distances, and must be guaranteed payment for a full class to cover their costs.

  • Why are there different prices listed for each class?
    Instructors set their own prices. We add a small fee to help cover the costs of hosting the workshop. If you an active member as of today, select the Member price. If you are not currently an active member, select the Non-Member price. There are no refunds if you become a member later. And, of course, we do check for active memberships when class requests come in.  :-)

  • How do I know if there are spots still available in the class I want?
    You can email to ask the class status. We ask for your patience, please! Since we work full-time, we will respond as soon as we can get to your email. Oh, and did I mention that we are volunteers?  :-)

  • What do I do if I have a question?
    In the event you need to speak with us, please leave a voicemail message at 360-658-8003 during regular business hours. We would love to help you just as soon as we get home from work.

  • What will I need to bring?
    You will find what you need for each class by viewing the "Class Information" sheet, (the links appear below each class photo). They provide information explaining what the instructor provides, and what specific items you will need to bring. In addition, many people bring a portable task lamp to help light their work area, and your general gourd "tool" kit.

  • Where are the classes held?
    The classes take place at the Kittitas Valley Event Center, specifically in the east end of the remodeled Armory Building located at 901 E 7th Ave. It has a kitchen facility, air conditioning, and separate rooms for carving classes.

Special Notice: By registering online through PayPal, you agree to release Washington State Gourd Society and their agents from liability due to any loss or damage to such property, whatsoever the cause. WSGS and The Kittitas Valley Event Center are fully committed to hosting this event but shall not be liable for claims of lost profits, business, or any other damage if the workshops have to be cancelled or rescheduled for any reason.

Workshop Committee
Stacy Annon, Shawna Stout, Kate Franchimon, & Kathryn Egan
Contact at with questions,
or leave a message for Shawna @ 360-658-8003.


Volunteers needed for set up, and take down!
We're counting on you to pitch in and help. We could not do this without many hands!


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